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About Sherry - Mind Body Spirit - Intuitive Healing Arts Practitioner and Teacher
While I have been on a spiritual journey all of my life, I began what I would call a "major search of self" approximately 10 years ago. As I sought to truly understand my Divine purpose in life, I began reading many books and added the practice of meditation to my daily routine. I actually gave up on meditation initially, as I struggled to quiet my mind amidst the chaos I was experiencing, and often ended up feeling more frustration than anything else. However, I kept feeling called back to it, so I decided to give it another try. With time and persistence, not only did meditation become much more easy for me, it changed my life completely. As I became able to quiet my mind, and find my center, I also became aware of my ability to communicate with Spirit. Once I became aware of this, I decided to actually listen to what my Spirit Guides had to say. That's when the magic and miracles really started happening for me...
I am truly blessed to have had the opportunity to travel to Peru multiple times, to be in ceremony amidst the mountain spirits and learn from the medicine people there.
This Divine guidance led me to be trained in Reiki, Shamanic and Sound Healing, in addition to Mediumship and Intuition Development. Through these trainings, I experienced profound personal healing and a major spiritual transformation. Unfortunately, there are no words to truly describe my experiences.  While I am completely changed, the part of me that has not changed, my light within, is shining brighter than it ever has before... I feel as though my world has been "painted beautiful"! I see the gift in every single day and look forward to each moment that I can offer a little piece of love to brighten someone else's day.​It is with great passion and enthusiasm that I am saying "yes" to the calling to be an intuitive messenger and energy healing practitioner. As I walk this authentic path with truth, integrity and grace, I look forward to sharing the experiences, knowledge and gifts I have been given, in love and service to all.
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