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Awaken to Your Song Within


Are you feeling stressed? Stuck? Overwhelmed? Unfulfilled? Do you feel disconnected or have a sense that something is missing in your life? Do you have unresolved issues that are impacting your life in a negative way, despite your efforts to overcome them? Then this is the place for you! I would love to  help you hear the song in your heart, create your own music, and inspire you to dance once again! 

We are all on a path to remember our truth and live our lives as our authentic selves. Cultural conditioning and life experiences often lead to feelings of depression, anxiety or a sense of unfulfillment, as we struggle to be who we think we are "supposed to be" and/or deal with unresolved issues that are part of our life stories. Through my own personal experiences, I have come to know the beauty of releasing my personal stories and healing my soul wounds. The result - a reconnection with my authentic self and a burning passion to share the healing, knowledge, and wisdom I have gained, in service to all.  I look forward to assisting you on your journey to health and well-being, awakening to your song within...


Sherry Van Rossum, Healing Arts Practitioner

I offer a variety of intuitive energy healing services to help you clear/release heavy energy that may make you feel sad, tired, depressed, anxious and stressed. Releasing these energies will help you feel more calm, inner peace, joy and balance in your life.

Services offered include Reiki, Sound Therapies, Shamanic Healing, and Group Meditations. I also do intuitive readings to offer guidance and support on your wellness journey. 


I offer a variety of workshops to help you get reconnected with your highest self. Learn about different meditation techniques, how to tune in to your intuition, connect with your spirit guides and manifest the life you've always wanted. I am also a Reiki Master and offer different levels of Reiki instruction and attunements. Click on the button below to learn more about the workshops available. 


Necklaces, earrings and genuine gemstone malas are some of my specialities. I also do custom jewelry and wire-wrapping. I love to create beautiful things that bring peace, harmony and healing to individuals and spaces in which you work or reside! Click on the link below to view some of my products. Message me with any special requests you may have for custom made items!



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Soul Symphony Infinity Heart
Now serving clients at:
Evolve Health & Wellness Center
202 Plum Rd. 
Wrightstown WI 54180

Thanks for reaching out. I will be in touch with you soon!

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