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Shamanic Energy

Shamanic Energy Healing combines spirit communication, energy release/cleansing techniques and earth medicine to allow for profound, deep healing of the mind, body and spirit. It can clear heavy energies that reside in our energy field from our life experiences, including hard-to-treat issues that have not resolved over time.

A session with a shamanic typically lasts about 90-120 minutes and may be done virtually or in person. Sessions typically include one or more of the following:

Illumination Process
We have a luminous energy field (LEF) that surrounds our physical body. Our luminous body carries with it imprints which hold our personal and ancestral memories, our emotions, stories, and wounds. These imprints draw repetitive events into our life until we are able to heal them. The Illumination Process clears these imprints from our energy field and transforms heavy energies into light.

Power Retrieval
In most shamanic cultures it is believed that each of us has one or more Power Animals (spirit guardian) that accompany us through life.  They protect us, keep us full of power, health and enthusiasm and prevent negative energies and illnesses from entering our energy field. When we lose our connection to our Power Animal we lose our personal power.  Power Animals are retrieved through journeying, connecting you with your special guardian and helping you learn to develop and honor your relationship.

Extraction and Cleansing
When we hold heavy energies for a long time, they may settle into our luminous energy field as denser forms. These intrusive energies may be the result of envy, anger and guilt that is self-inflicted or sent by others. They may be from past wounds, past lives or present trauma. The extraction and cleansing process removes these energies from the luminous energy field and cuts any ties to others that may be impacting you in an unhealthy way.

Soul Retrieval
Soul loss occurs when part of the human soul leaves the body to protect itself from traumatic situations such as abuse, accidents, or loss of a loved one.  It may occur in present life or be carried over from past life experiences. Symptoms of soul loss include depression, lack of control in life, feeling of incompleteness and/or gaps of memory loss. It is often expressed by a person as feeling or thinking that something is missing, or they don’t feel whole. Soul Retrieval is a healing process of retrieving and returning the energy of the person’s missing soul or essence, resulting in improved personal power, clarity of  life purpose, and a shift to a positive state of consciousness.

Intuitive Guidance

Gain a better understanding of limited beliefs or blocks that may be keeping you from becoming the best possible version of yourself and receive guidance for connecting to your higher self, creating balance in your life and living in peace and harmony.

$145/90-120 min session

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