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Singing bowls
Sunday Sound Spa Meditation -
1st and 3rd Sundays of the month

Location: Evolve Health & Wellness Wrightstown
Investment: $20.00 - LIMITED SEATS so you MUST register in ADVANCE!

Come relax into the sounds and vibrations of the gong, drums, flute, singing bowls, therapy harp and more!. Give yourself the gift of rejuvenation for the perfect start to the week! Limited seating so please reserve your spot by clicking on the "Book Now" button

Singing bowls
Healing through Sound & Vibration Workshop
April 13th and 14th
9am - 4:00pm both days (Bring your lunch!)

Location: Evolve Health & Wellness Wrightstown
Investment: $399.00 - LIMITED SEATS so you MUST register in ADVANCE!

Ancient civilizations have been using sound as a form of healing for thousands of years. Today, sound healing is gaining popularity as a complimentary therapy for a variety of health conditions. Sound is a perfect addition to your Shamanic, Reiki, Yoga or other healing practices!

In this two day hands-on workshop, we will explore the use of singing bowls, gongs, chimes, tuning forks, different types of drums, and other instruments for individual and group sound healing sessions. Learn about different types of instruments and how they are used for healing. If you are interested in adding sound therapy to your personal daily or professional business practice, this workshop is for you! 

Space Is LIMITED! Please register and pay in advance to guarantee your spot for this workshop! You will receive an invoice via email shortly after you register.

Winter Solstice Drum Circle 
December 21st

Time: 7 - 8:30 pm
Investment: Donations Welcome
A Drum Circle with a Sacred Intention - An opportunity to come together in Sacred Ceremony to connect as ONE, to sing, to pray, to give thanks, and to bring healing to our Earth Mother, to our community, to our ancestors, to our world. No experience is necessary. Come with an open heart & a rhythm instrument if you have one. We will have instruments for your use, so bringing your own is not required.  Space is LIMITED - Reserve Your spot ASAP!  Donations Welcome
moon and bird
Tune in To Your Intuition
Location: Evolve Health & Wellness Wrightstown
Time: 8am - Noon
Investment: $88.00

Intuition, the voice inside that wants to guide your questions, thoughts and decisions, allowing you to live a happy, fulfilling life... Everyone has it! The question is, “Are you tuning in?” In this workshop you will gain an understanding of what intuition is and how it works for you. Practical hands-on activities will help you learn how to “listen” and trust your intuition, so that you are better able to utilize it on a daily basis. Come join us and begin tuning in to your heart sense today!

praying angel
Connect with Your Spirit Guides 
Time: 12:30 - 4:30 pm
Investment: 88.00

Everyone is a channel for spirit guidance. Many people think that connecting with Spirit takes a special talent. Well, it doesn’t. We innately have the capacity to connect with the spiritual energies that surround us all the time. We just need to be open and willing to receive the guidance that is always available. In this workshop, you will learn how to cultivate meaningful connections with guides and angels that are supporting you on your life’s journey. 

trees with sunlight
Reiki Level I
TBD - Contact me to set up a personal workshop
Location: Evolve Health & Wellness Wrightstown
Time: 9:00am - 4pm
Investment: 185.00 

Reiki is a powerful Japanese healing technique that reduces stress and tension and promotes healing. This one day course is the beginning level of Reiki training.  During this course you will learn the about the origin and history of the Usui Reiki healing system and gain an overall understanding of the chakras and endocrine system. You will also receive the First Degree Reiki attunement/initiation.  You will practice using this amazing healing energy on yourself and perform a full Reiki treatment session on a partner. 

water sunset
Reiki Level II
Wednesday, December 27th
ocation: Evolve Health & Wellness Wrightstown
Time: 9:00am - 4pm
Investment: 185.00

This course is designed for those who wish to continue their Reiki journey and increase their vibrational energy.  You will learn about the Reiki II symbols and develop an understanding of how these are used in healing. Participants will receive the Reiki Second Degree Attunement which will enable you to perform distant healing.   You will have the opportunity to practice energy sensing techniques and perform group and distance healing.

meditation by beach
Meditation 101 - Get Jumpstarted!
Location: Evolve Health & Wellness Wrightstown 

No Charge - Donations welcome!

You've always wanted to meditate, but really aren't sure how...

You've tried, but just can't seem to "quiet your mind"...

Your intentions are good, but you never seem to find the time...


NOW is your time! Meditation physiologically changes every cell in the body, filling it with more prana (energy). This increased energy level results in decreased feelings of stress, anxiety and depression, promoting increased feelings of joy, peace and renewal. Come join me to learn about the basics of meditation. Gain some helpful strategies in quieting your mind and making meditation the best part of your day! Limited number of  "in person" participants so please reserve your spot by clicking on the "Book Now" button. 

No Charge - Donations Welcome!

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