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Peter Hess
Sound Massage

“The sound of the singing bowl touches our innermost soul

and brings it into vibration.

The sound breaks tension, mobilizes self healing forces,

and sets free creative energies.”

-- Peter Hess, founder


Peter Hess Singing Bowls are therapeutic grade bowls designed for creating a state of deep, profound relaxation. During a sound massage, the bowls are placed on the body (fully clothed) and gently played. The sounds of the bowls allow the body to absorb needed frequencies, while the vibrational waves allow for the release of blockages in the energy system, returning the body to its natural calm, peaceful state.  A gentle, relaxing holistic healing option, sound massage helps promote a state of harmony and overall well-being. Choose the option to rest on a heated amethyst crystal biomat during your session to amplify the relaxing effects. Give yourself the gift of relaxation and reset today! 


$80.00/70 min.

Kids Session $40/30 min

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